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Laurie Andrews Discusses
Restorative Yoga Physical Therapy for the Black Belt Healer

Restorative yoga, for the Black Belt Healer, is an important modality to help others.
According to Black Belt Healer, Laurie Andrews, “Many times people come to us with various physical issues ranging from a lack of flexibility to sore, tired muscles”.

Commonly, beginning martial art students feel discouraged after just a week of training because of stiffness or soreness. They come to their teacher and say, “Sensei, after class last week, I really felt sore. I think I am too out of shape to start training.”

The trained Black Belt Healer can offer students a range of solutions. Specific yoga asanas can be taught either to the entire class or to the individual to be used for stretching prior to class and if soreness occurs the next day. In addition to Restorative Yoga, therapeutic massage with liniment can help alleviate the discomfort.

The teacher can ask the student, “Where do you seem to have the most problems?” Often the chest, the low back and the hamstring muscles in the legs are areas the student will feel soreness.

For the chest, the pectoralis muscle across the upper chest usually needs to be opened. In yoga, this can be done by standing straight and drawing the arms back, interlacing the fingers and lifting the arms upward. Also, simply lying supine with a rolled blanket under the spine from the waist to the top of the head will gently lengthen the chest muscles using gravity.

In cases of a tight low back, forward bends help to elongate the spine and the back muscles and spinal twists done with a straight spine first in one direction and then the other direction aid in maintaining a healthy back.

The hamstring muscles can be very tight and prevent many high leg movements. Simply by sitting on the floor and grasping a straight leg with the hands and drawing the leg toward the torso will isolate and lengthen the hamstrings.

Most importantly, being a well trained Black Belt Healer and showing that you care, will go a long way to helping the new student through the discomfort of the first month of training.

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