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These photos were taken of Don Buck and his student, Dr. Andrews in 1990 during a photo shoot for a martial art magazine article.  In the first photo, Don Buck lunges forward with a loud kiai.  Note the snapping action of his wrist at the time of impact.  In the second photo, he points to an area behind the ear that roughly corresponds to the mastoid process.  In the last photo he shows an ideal angle and direction for this attack.  Note the hand development from years of makiwara training.  This area corresponds to vital point number 27 on the anterior view of human skeleton.  Click here to review the ancient method of resuscitation (Kappo) for this injury.

WARNING: This type of training is potentially very dangerous. This lesson is for the reader's interest only. This training should not be undertaken by the reader. Permanent injury or death can result from this type of attack.



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