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Pinewood Karate


House on Pinewood Drive - 1989

Pinewood Karate was founded in Napa, California in 1989 by Dr. Daniel E. Andrews III, his wife Laurie and their four children, Megan, Averyl, Lauren and Danny.

According to Dr. Andrews, "I wanted to teach our children so they would grow up safe and strong".

As with any pure motive, Pinewood really caught on. When the Andrews family moved to their mountain home, ten miles outside of town, the school moved too. Although the students practiced in a new location, the school retained its name, "Pinewood Karate".


Pinewood Building - 1994

Dr. Andrews briefly taught classes at the Heart House before the school relocated to a rental space on Jefferson Street in Napa.

Within two years, the Pinewood Karate School had outgrown this location. Unable to find an adequate location, the Andrews family built the Pinewood building in 1992.

The new Pinewood building was carefully designed to provide adequate space for all aspects of Pinewood training including hand strikes, kicks, joint locks, take downs, tumbling and ground fighting.

In 1998, the Napa Valley School of Massage was founded to teach Restorative Massage. The first group of students to learn Restorative Massage were black belts in the Pinewood system. That same year, Dr. Andrews completed the world's first online massage course taught in conjunction with a state certified massage program.

Main Training Hall - Pinewood


The combined efforts of Pinewood Karate and its companion school, the Napa Valley School of Massage lead to the creation of Black Belt Healers.

In 2006, this innovative program was opened up to all martial artists, regardless of style, to be trained and certified as Black Belt Healers.




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