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The methods of Sappo (killing blows) were always taught in conjunction with methods of Kappo (resuscitation).  This balanced approach allowed the karate expert to dispatch an opponent and quickly revive him.  This dual concept fits the oriental ideas of Yin and Yang (opposites) and the importance of maintaining balance in life.

Sappo is the art of striking vital points with the intent to deliver a disabling or fatal blow.  These vital points are anatomical weak areas in the body's structure.   Normally they are fairly well protected.  At times these areas can be more susceptible to attack.  Struck with sufficient force and the proper angle and direction, serious or fatal injury will occur.  Vital points utilized in fighting are related to acupressure points used for healing. 

Kappo, also known as Kuatsu, is the medical art of the restoration of life.  This art is designed to resuscitate persons who have fainted or who have been knocked unconscious.  Originally it was felt that Kuatsu should be employed for reviving victims of attacks.  Later, however, it was discovered that this art was also effective in some cases of drowning, sunstroke and in helping victims of accidents.   It should be noted that these methods are ancient and are no longer considered the standard of modern medical care.  These methods have been replaced around the world by updated versions known as cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

While Kappo is the ancient resuscitation art, seifukujitsu are methods of adjusting and restoring (healing). 

These methods of Sappo-Kappo were taught to Dr. Andrews by Sensei Don Buck.  According to Dr. Andrews, "I was also instructed in these arts by Duke Moore and the late Sig Kufferath." 
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