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Living the life
(The Averyl Andrews experience)
    As the daughter of physician and karate master, Daniel E. Andrews III, M.D., Averyl is no stranger to the benefits of becoming a Black Belt Healer. As a small child, Averyl was dressed by her mom in a white karate uniform and taught to tie her white belt. She trained along side her siblings as dad barked out the commands... “Forward stance, left foot forward; Middle punch, ready - begin”. Many times she was asked to spar older and bigger opponents. Averyl used her strong spirit and keen mind to defend herself. Averyl while maybe not a natural born fighter did what she needed to do to get the job done. One year at the Calistoga fair, her parents paid for her to have a massage. There was a massage therapist with a booth right next to the Pinewood Karate booth. That was her first introduction to the benefits of massage. Later, Averyl and her sisters and brother worked the Pinewood Karate booth themselves. The fair booth at the Napa Town and Country Fair became one of Pinewood Karate’s best promotions. In fact, the other massage school finally gave up going to the fair. “How can we compete with the Andrews sisters?” they said. Not just regular yoga, but Black Belt Healers’ yoga that uses the yoga therapy to help others. Averyl graduated from the Napa Valley School of Massage and became a certified massage therapist. She then graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara and is now pursuing a corporate career in the fashion industry.

"Many times she was asked to spar older and bigger opponents."
"Averyl while maybe not a natural born fighter did what she needed to do to get the job done."

Averyl along with her sisters and brother eventually earned their black belts in Pinewood Karate. They all took their turn teaching Pinewood to others. It was about this same time that their Mom began to teach them yoga. Averyl continues to use her Black Belt Healer skills to help her friends and family. She knows that no matter where she goes or what she does, she will also have her training as a Black Belt Healer with her.

Left: Averyl doing massage with her mother Laurie Andrews.
Right: Averyl in her karate uniform.

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