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What is Black Belt Healers ?
Black Belt Healers is a health course written for martial artists by a medical doctor who is also a martial art master. This course leads to certification in a specialized form of massage therapy for martial artists.
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 Course Features
  • Expand your martial art knowledge

  • You can reach the highest level in the martial arts

  • Learn human anatomy for self defense and healing

  • Course covers the healing art of seifukujitsu

  • Study the reanimation art of kappo

  • Discover the real significance of vital points

  • Practice seifuku bone splinting

  • Learn use of the kimono roller gauze

  • Become a hand healer like old school sensei

  • Study seifuku bone and joint manipulation

  • Practical knowledge fits into any martial art

The following links lead to audio information about black belt healers. The audio is the voice of Daniel E. Andrews III, M.D. Hear More
The following links lead to video information about black belt healers. Video featuring Daniel E. Andrews III, M.D. See More
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Meet the good Doctor.
Daniel E. Andrews III, M.D. author of the Black Belt Healer program is a physician with more than 30 years experience practicing the martial arts. He is positioned to provide you with the opportunity to study this fascinating healing art.
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The science of fighting

The methods of Sappo (killing blows) were always taught in conjunction with methods of Kappo (resuscitation).  This balanced approach allowed the karate expert to dispatch an opponent and quickly revive him.  This dual concept fits the oriental ideas of Yin and Yang (opposites) and the importance of maintaining balance in life.

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 More Information
You can be a Black Belt Healer!
This outstanding course provides you with the unique opportunity to become a Black Belt Healer. The course consists of 27 online lessons plus a two week Intensive Internship in the Napa Valley. During the Intensive Internship you will train on actual patients under the direction of Daniel E. Andrews III, M.D. who is a physician, martial art master and the creator of this course.
Upon completion of the course, you will receive two prestigious diplomas. You will be awarded a certificate as a Black Belt Healer from Pinewood Karate & a diploma in Restorative Massage from the Napa Valley School of Massage.

Actual Black Belt Healers Testimonial
From a real person just like you.

"Martial artists who learn massage and study anatomy are better at both fighting and healing. Black Belt Healers are very valuable in the martial art school, no matter what style".
Daryl Williams
Judo Sensei

"A Black Belt Healer has special knowledge and skills that others don't possess. When a martial artist becomes a Black Belt Healer, it opens up a whole new world".
Blair Smith
Black Belt

"Pressure points that Black Belt Healers use to treat injuries are really important for martial artists to know and understand".
John Fitch
Karate Instructor

 Personal word from Dr. Andrews.
As a physician and martial art teacher, it is my privilege to share this valuable information with you. I look forward to helping you with your education as a Black Belt Healer.

Daniel E. Andrews III, M.D.

1131 Trancas St .

Napa , California 94558

(707) 253-9643

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Dr. Andrews teaching proper taping technique for a shoulder separation.

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